Billboards in Lisbon – from print to highly digital solutions

CLP Lisbon IV BB klLisbon is one of Europe’s old and historical cities and is, today, the political, economic, and cultural center of the Portugal. Five million tourists come into the city, each year. To make an impression to decision-makers, residents and visitors, Lisbon offers a wide array of opportunities for billboard advertising.

All over the city, bus, tram, and metro stops provide surfaces for ads with city light posters above and below ground. Along the broader streets, around roundabouts, and at intersections, giant billboards, city light boards (CLB) and city light poster (CLP) on light masts, dominate the cityscape. Further attention is drawn to the advertising by attaching analog or digital clocks to the media. Strategically positioned at especially busy streets, like the main road to the airport, digital city light boards present further advertising surface. Especially innovative are the new, interactive digital screens called “Tomi”. They can be found on streets with many pedestrians and in shopping areas. Next to presenting a digital advertising surface, the tomi has a touch screen and offers information, the weather, news, and helps you to find where you have to go.

dCLP Centro Wasco da Gama BB klFurther digital screens can be found in the shopping center Centro Wasco da Gama, located right next to one of the most important bus and train stations Estação do Oriente. Moreover, the front entrance of another shopping center, the department store El Corte Inglés, is adorned with a huge video wall, presenting external advertising and special offers of the department store. Due to the size and placement, the advertising can be seen from near and far and attracts enormous attention.

In a nutshell, billboard advertising in Lisbon offers all the surfaces needed for an extensive branding.

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