New motif: Advertising on the tram for Denn`s

There are trams in most of Europe's metropolises, from Finland to Austria, from Istanbul to Berlin. They push themselves on rails through their cities. We all know the pictures from Lisbon with its historic trams and the charming route with steep sections and narrow curves through the narrow streets of the old town.

Even if in many cities the trams look more modern than in Lisbon, all trams in Europe have one thing in common: Full cover advertising means handmade. Every window, every door, every door handle is cleverly cut out with a cutter and every advertising foil is stuck onto the wagons by hand. Meter by meter, section by section, the individual motifs are put together to form an overall picture.

From time to time the ads motifs on buses and trains must be adapted. Look at our short spot that accompanied the motif change.

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