Bild 2Large-format billboards offer an outdoor advertising platform that can be seen from afar. It is approx. 3.56 meters wide and 2.52 meters high. The main task of billboard advertising is to be present in the closer catchment area of a provider, where it is usually in the constant field of vision of potential customers for weeks. This is how our client "Air Vistara" chose a few locations in Frankfurt am Main.

In addition, it is possible to spread billboard campaigns based on socio-demographic and geographic characteristics and thus reach the target group in the best possible way. In this way, poster advertising can be selected nationally, regionally, or locally, which keeps the scattering loss significantly low.

The Indian airline VISTARA also relied on the fact that the large BB surfaces do not have to be booked in networks but can be selected individually.

Bild 3Some advantages BB ads:

  • Eye-catching advertising media
  • Target group-oriented distribution
  • High reach
  • Fast and targeted communication
  • Individual selections

Possibilities in poster design

In addition to planning billboard locations, their design plays an important role. Drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists often only have a few seconds to perceive the image. Therefore, the motif or slogan must be quickly recognizable and legible even when driving past quickly.

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