BILD1 klIf you want to draw attention to yourself and your brand in the capital of Europe, you might think of high and almost prohibitive advertising costs. However, if you rely on the following transport medium, your advertising can travel right across the metropolis, gaining high contact numbers and at the same time benefiting from a particularly good price-performance ratio. " Bus advertising" in Brussels makes it possible.

Have you ever overlooked a bus? A rhetorical question, because how could you? Buses are unmissable simply because of their extreme size, overlength and height. This fact that buses (city buses, sightseeing buses) attract the attention of all road users due to their appearance alone can be used by advertisers. By branding the bus, you mark the advertising surface, and all eyes are on your advertising promise. Various formats, each with different advantages, are available for advertising.

Super rear: With a rear cover on the bus, you can reach passers-by and other road users who are driving behind the bus or waiting at bus stops such as traffic lights. In this case, the following also applies: the longer the bus stays on the road, the higher the eye contact rate.

Bild2 klFull cover: Those who opt for this oversized advertising surface enjoy full attention but also full freedom in the design of the motifs. Even the windows can be covered thanks to the "Window Graphic Film". This means that neither the view of the passengers nor your OOH impact on the outside is impaired.

There are other formats available, but one thing is certain: no matter which advertising space you choose, with bus advertising you will be noticed. This is because buses are on roads with a high traffic volume, i.e., where many other road users - whether in cars or on bicycles - are driving but also waiting for the next green light.

Furthermore, bus advertising naturally attracts the attention of people waiting and passers-by, because buses are always on the road where the city pulsates, and many people want to be transported. Another small but not insignificant advantage is that buses also travel where outdoor advertising is not otherwise permitted. So, you get undivided attention from all contacts.

If you do not want to be overlooked, you can use bus advertising. True to the motto:
I see what everyone sees!

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