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At the moment, however, it is not only the temperatures that are rising - no - but above all the tourism figures! Tourists and city dwellers alike are bringing life back to the streets of the metropolises. Take advantage of the positive trend and make a big impact again: Advertising on hop on hop off buses.

Tourism is picking up again, not only in Berlin, but also in other metropolises around the world such as Paris, London, and Barcelona. How good that with the advertising medium "Sightseeing Bus" you have the opportunity to send your advertising on a European tour, always past the most important sights of the cities.

Tourist buses move from hot spot to hot spot with a fixed route condition. This guarantees high contact numbers. Because sightseeing buses always pass by highly frequented, busy venues or stop for a hop-on hop-off stop near attractions, the advertising message is seen by a large number of people - who are now "on tour" again! 

If you choose the "Sightseeing Bus" advertising medium, your advertising will have a wide reach. Get on board and benefit from a "normal" summer and autumn this year.

The sightseeing buses have left their depots. Book your promotional ticket - we look forward to your enquiry.

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