Digital CLP in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city of media and culture in which there is much to discover. In the pedestrian zones or traffic-calmed streets, the new digital CLPs of the future have been set up for several years and enable the use of moving images. The perfect platform for creative motifs and flexible campaigns.

Study on digital Out of Home advertising

The study “Public & Private Screens 2016/2017” reaches astonishing results. Roughly 60% of all citizens over the age of 14 get into contact with digital Out of Home media at least once every seven days. For those, ages 14 to 29, the percentage lies at approximately 75%.

Outdoor advertising in Istanbul

Outdoor advertising in Istanbul is very present. Transport advertising and billboard advertisements are ubiquitous. Especially striking are the tram advertisements. Most trams are completely covered with advertising.

Barcelona outdoor advertising

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The geographic location between mountains on the one hand and the Mediterranean coast on the other hand is what makes Barcelona so special.

Digital network Vienna International Airport

The airport is known for its short transfer times. Passengers only need to plan for a transfer time of 30 minutes, because the terminals are all connected. But those transfer times also show that the airport is not one of Europe's big players.

Poster on the phone boxes in Vienna

Despite the smartphones, there are still 4,100 telephone boxes in Vienna. They are used about two and a half times a day, more than 300,000 users every month.

Outdoor advertising in Rome

Rome is a fantastic city. Full of history. Wonderful fountains and squares. There are countless churches: quite old and a little younger.

Outdoor advertising in Stockholm

The fastest way to Stockholm is by plane. Most airlines fly to Stockholm-Arlanda airport. From the plane to the exit of the airport you will be accompanied by numerous illuminated billboards. Starting with the baggage claim coloramas up to the taxi stand billboards.

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