Guess what: When did this year's production for chocolate Santa Clauses start? Unbelievable but true, many manufacturers start production already in May. Big events need lead time.

Digital media attract more attention than analog advertising formats. 10 seconds spot say more than 1000 words. And not only outdoors, but also inside buildings such as airports or train stations. Our eyes move towards the moving image. Even small animations are enough to win the favor of our eyes. In waiting situations, the memory values increase even more because our eyes decide over us: We have 10 seconds to finish watching the spot.

There are trams in most of Europe's metropolises, from Finland to Austria, from Istanbul to Berlin. They push themselves on rails through their cities.

Airport advertising presents a great means to reach an international target group. In Fall 2019, WTM outdoor advertising and their partners from Latcom realized a campaign for the Brazilian tourism ministry.

With over 538K inhabitants, Hanover is the capital of and largest city in the German state of Lower Saxony. Due to its large trade fair grounds, Hanover is known to be a trade fair city and hosts around 60 international trade fairs every year.

Madrid, the Spanish capital and busy metropolis, has a highly modern transport system, consisting of a tight metro subway network, an extensive city bus and tourist bus network, a funicular, long-distance trains, and the international airport Madrid Barajas.

Graz is the second largest city in Austria. Today, the entire old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, there is hardly any advertising surface on the street or on the facades. The characteristics and appearance of buildings should be preserved.

Placing advertising in the streets of Madrid is highly effective and has tremendous reach. Madrid is a metropolis and popular tourist destination. Annually, over 7.7 million (2018) national and international travelers are visiting the capital of Spain.

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