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IFA 2023 BERLIN: Use DOOH Programmatic for your Ads Massage 

IFA 2023 is just around the corner, and you want to run a campaign quickly, cost-effectively and without long lead times to reach your target group? OOH Programmatic is just the solution for you.

OOH Programmatic Advertising allows you to target your audience more efficiently by using the digital media around the exhibition grounds or in the city to broadcast advertising messages in real time. By using data and algorithms, you can define your target group more precisely and address them directly.

Present your brand and your insights into the future to visitors from all over the world.

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The use of Programmatic Ads for trade fairs offers several advantages:

  • very short durations (only a few hours or only 1 specific day, etc.)
  • accuracy of targeting 
  • scalability: wide reach 
  • real-time optimization
  • cost control - even for smaller budgets 
  • ability to measure advertising campaigns on the basis of KPIs (key performance indicators)

Overall, the use of programmatic advertising for trade fairs offers an efficient and targeted way to address the desired target group and increase the success of the campaign.

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