Have a giant banner with your advertising message in front of the trade fair during the IFA. Surprise your target groups and the competition at the fair with eye-catcher motif.


Meet at the world's leading marketplace for consumer & home electronics retailers, buyers, and press before they enter the exhibition grounds.
Attract their attention and get direct and unique feedback even before entrances to the fairgrounds.

Present your brand and your insights into the future to visitors from all over the world.

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Here are some key data on the façade ads:

Media costs: € 125.000,00
Production costs: € 4.500,00
Duration: 4 Weeks
Format (WxH): Left:   5,75m x 16,83m (96,77m²) - Right: 6,30m x 13,60m (87,04m²)
Contacts: 5.017.350
Address: Messedamm 10, 14057 Berlin

Advantages of BlowUps:

Unique impact, powerful impressions, and effective emotions - with giant posters you secure the most impressive of all OOH media.

These attractive advertising surfaces are located in the direct vicinity of the exhibition grounds and opposite the main entrances. At every trade fair, every congress, and all events, you can reliably reach visitors/participants with this advertising staging.

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