Our offer of the month is this time a campaign for the decoration of buses in Lisbon and in Porto.
The proposal is for a campaign period of one month and you can divide the number of buses by Lisbon and Porto or do the campaign only in one of the cities.

Put your brand in the focus of potential new customers and your business partners.

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Starting September 2021, you can take advantage of our special bus offer and place your advertising on buses for the duration of 1 month and get 60% discount on media.

Here are the overview and pricing for 1 month*.



Media costs


Media costs discounted

Production costs

Total costs

Super rear 20 buses € 77.070,00 60% € 30.828,00 € 10.720,00 € 41.548,00
Super rear 10 buses € 47.250,00 60% € 18.900,00 € 5.360,00 € 24.260,00
Super rear   5 buses € 23.625,00 60% € 9.450,00 € 2.680,00 € 12.130,00

*Other durations are also possible

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Bus advertising reaches your target group in city directly and in the middle of life. Unlike other media, such as billboards, buses are on different roads every day.
This means that the advertising message is seen around the city every day.
In addition, this gives the opportunity to address many different target groups.

Lead time for the print data is at least 3-weeks before the campaign starts. The sooner the better!

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Here you can watch a short clip about bus advertising

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