50% DISCOUNT: BlowUps at the airport - Large. Eye-catching. Real.

How do brands succeed in being seen and remembered today?

For August 2022, we offer you a special proposal we have prepared for giant posters in Munich. As from now, you can take advantage of the special blowup offer and place your brand at Munich airport for the duration of 4 weeks + 4 weeks extra.

Create a real "aha" moment for your target group.

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3 good reasons for GIANT POSTER ADS

  • Unmissable presence - Optimal eye-catcher (creative space)
  • Highly frequented prime locations with lighting - 24/7
  • Single occupancy - no competing advertising next to you

Highlight your brand and stand out from the competition and let a wall of houses speak for you!

Here are the overview and pricing:

Location: Munich Airport P20
Duration: 1 month + 1 month extra (August + September)
Quantity: 1 giant poster
Media costs: € 39.600,00 (50% discount)
Technical costs: €   9.500,00

 On this location MAP you can select and book the desired facade.


Giant posters are eye-catchers that cannot be overlooked and, due to their enormous size, offer an opportunity to present a brand in an oversized and highly visible way. With large-format outdoor advertising surfaces of over 100 square meters, mobile target groups are addressed in an impressive, attention-grabbing way and with a high reach.

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