Ads on Trams: A large and transversal audience

Our offer of the month for September 2022 is Tram Full Cover campaign in Frankfurt.
The proposal is for a campaign period of 4 weeks.
You cover your message on the whole tram and address all road users.

Put your brand in the focus of potential new customers and your business partners.

Here are the overview and pricing for 4 weeks.



Media costs

Production costs

Full cover

1 Tram

€ 16.188,00

€ 0,00

Full cover

5 Trams

€ 80.940,00

€ 0,00


Due to the tightly meshed network and the equally high frequency of the trams, advertising is omnipresent in city traffic. You can reach many people in the middle of the action and various target groups. Whether commuters, people on their way to work, tourists or different age groups - those who rely on tram advertising anchor themselves firmly in the cityscape.

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