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Bus advertising in Athens

In Athens, large parts of the population and tourists are using the bus regularly to get around the city and surrounding areas. The fleet of 1839 buses is divided into 300 lines and contains 416 vehicles running on compressed natural gas and 366 vehicles (on 22 lines) being electrical trolleybuses. Placing your advertising on Athens buses reaches thousands of people every day, making it one of the highest reaching broadcast mediums available on the market. Buses go where people go – they can be found on every urban high street in Athens. Even pedestrians, bikers and car drivers, not using buses, are guaranteed to see your brand rolling through the city several times during the day.

As an alternative, you can place your message in and around the other transport media in Athens. The suburban rail, connecting the city center with Athens international airport, the 3 underground metro lines and the fleet of 35 tram vehicles offer great possibilities for your ads, as well. Together they transport another 2 million passengers, daily.

Choosing to advertise on a bus will give you enormous exposure to all sectors of the population, from young to old and all economic levels. In case you see your target group in a certain locations, you can expand your portfolio and advertise on digital city light posters or giant billboards strategically placed in waiting areas, like bus stops, tram shelters, and train stations. Utilize their excess time to present your message. Waiting time is advertising time! For billboard advertising in bus stops, click here.

Different formats – campaign or long-term bus ads

Depending on your budget and desired impact, you have multiple options to place your ads on thy hyper mobile bus media. Partial designs can be an effective tool for short-term campaigns. For long-term branding, it makes sense to invest in a full design.

  • Partial designs:
    • super rear (ads covering part of or the complete back of the bus)
    • traffic board (different sized ads can be placed on the side of the bus)

  • Full cover (the complete bus or tram is wrapped in your design)

Investing in bus advertising in Athens is worth it! Enhance your visibility, increase your sales, and strengthen your branding!

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