Taxi Advertising

small but with a big OOH

Cab advertising in general is part of the everyday life of millions of people. In large cities and metropolitan areas, cabs are frequented and perceived by thousands of commuters, business travelers, professionals, vacationers and tourists – and thus also by target groups such as consumers, consumers and potential customers.

Taxi Advertising

small but with a big OOH

Cab advertising in general is part of the everyday life of millions of people. In large cities and metropolitan areas, cabs are frequented and perceived by thousands of commuters, business travelers, professionals, vacationers and tourists – and thus also by target groups such as consumers, consumers and potential customers.

Black - Red or a Yellow Cab: Color doesn't matter

taxi advertising in Europe

Cabs are on the road in the urban area 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since cab advertising is permanently in use as a mobile advertising medium, this Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising is seen by road users around the clock. You can hardly achieve such reach with any other medium. Cabs also travel wherever there are lots of people: At the train station, at the airport or in the city center.

Unlike other OOH advertising, cabs actively seek out the busiest places, position themselves in a highly visible location, and wait there for their next passengers. Whether for trade fairs, product campaigns or as an eye-catcher in road traffic – cab advertising is always attention-grabbing.

Advertising on the cab, i.e. roof and door advertising, or as an all-over advertisement, also reaches all other road users, pedestrians and cyclists at the same time. Depending on the duration and budget, the advertising runtime can be adjusted to get the best possible benefit from the OOH marketing measure. It thus reaches the most diverse target groups and, thanks to its enormous mobility, ensures increased contact strength with consumers.

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Taxi Advertising 

Cab advertising in the interior:

Advertise in the interior of the cab with the headrest posters and present your product to a high-income target group. With headrest advertising, the passenger sees only your offer in a quiet moment.

  • Unmissable
  • No other advertising in the cab, you book the interior exclusively
  • You could book the headrests separately or in combination with the side door advertising

From country to country the possible formats differ. With our selected examples of formats and prices, you can easily and quickly get an overview of the approximate costs for your campaigns. At the same time, you can see where which formats are possible.

Cabs are everywhere. Cabs go everywhere.
Cab advertising is hard to miss!

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inside the cab

indoor advertising for example
on screens or flyers

roof top ad

omnipresent advertising medium
on the roof of the cab

ouside the cab

advertising on the doors appeals
above all to passengers

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Taxi Advertising: Format & Pricing

the right medium for every budget

Inexpensive advertising with wide reach

There are different formats for taxi advertisements, which can be chosen according to the advertiser’s individual needs and budget. The most common formats are:

  • Door Cover (Komplete door)
  • Door Classic (approx. 160 x 40 cm)
  • Full Cover
  • Roof advertising – Depending on the provider different models (LED, 2D)
  • Headrests – Depending on the provider different models (digital, poster)
  • Special shapes

Taxi advertising prices vary depending on the location, duration of the advertising campaign and the format chosen. As a rule, costs are calculated on the basis of CPM (cost per mille), i.e. the price per thousand visual contacts. Prices may also depend on the size of the advertising space.

It is important to note that prices for taxi advertising are usually higher than for other advertising media such as billboards. This is because taxi ads offer high visibility and reach, and appeal to a targeted audience.

taxi examples
from our customers

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Taxi Examples all over Europe

eye-catching advertising media

When you choose taxi advertising, you choose quite a few benefits, such as: Your advertising is on the move throughout the city to reach a wider audience. The cab is always present in the busiest places of the city and it is always in the most strategic locations in the city.

Your ad will be on the road in all the hotspots of the city, further more always among people and highly visible!

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Taxi Ads:

Discover the product „Taxi Ads“ and learn more about this effective outdoor advertising. 

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The minimum booking duration can vary significantly, ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months and beyond.

The minimum number of cabs necessary for booking varies. For permanent advertising (minimum 1 year), you can secure just 1 cab. However, for shorter advertising periods, certain providers offer options starting from 20 cabs per city.

You can choose from door covers, full wraps, roof advertising, and interior cab placements.

Cab advertising capitalizes on mobility, effectively reaching a diverse audience through its journeys across bustling streets and urban neighborhoods.

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Advertisment on cabs are great

what about those OOH solutions?

Airport Advertising

Airport advertising in Europe is a potent marketing tool to connect with a diverse audience. Airports, bustling with travelers, offer advertisers extensive reach. Through various formats like billboards, digital boards, and baggage claim ads, companies can precisely convey messages to their target audience. With international travelers passing through, it’s an effective means to boost brand awareness. 


Bus & Tram Advertising

Utilizing eye-catching and creatively designed advertising spaces on buses and trams provides you with the opportunity to connect with a substantial number of potential customers on a daily basis. These strategically positioned advertising spaces ensure that your message is prominently displayed in public areas.

Billboard & Digital Billboard Advertising in Europe

Looking for effective brand or product advertising? 

Billboard ads are the smart choice! Our high-quality, eye-catching billboards reach a vast audience and deliver your message with impact. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas like streets, shopping centers, and more, your ideal location awaits.

Choose from various display formats, including Citylight Posters, Giant Posters, and dynamic digital billboards for creative and appealing messages. Harness the strength of billboard advertising to boost your brand and connect with potential customers.

Billboard & Digital Billboard Advertising in Europe

Want impactful brand advertising? Choose billboard ads! Our high-quality, eye-catching billboards in strategic locations, including streets and shopping centers, reach a broad audience. Select from various formats, like Citylight Posters, Giant Posters, and dynamic digital billboards, for creative messages that connect with potential customers and elevate your brand. 

Airport Advertising in Europe

European airport advertising connects with a diverse audience through billboards, digital boards, and baggage claim ads, boosting brand awareness with international travelers. Strategic placement in high-traffic areas engages target demographics and attracts potential customers.

Bus & Tram Advertising in Europe

Leverage eye-catching bus and tram ads for daily exposure to a broad audience. These strategically placed surfaces ensure your message occupies public spaces.

Whether you’re a local business boosting awareness or a national brand expanding reach, bus and tram advertising effectively engages your target audience. Their high visibility and eye-catching designs guarantee your message, whether it’s a product ad, event invite, or brand promotion, won’t be missed.

Choose a single ad surface or an entire fleet to benefit from bus and tram advertising, reaching a large target group.

Airport Advertising 

The largest selection of different advertising media can be found especially at airports. Want to bet?

Bus Advertising

Take your advertising to the streets of busy European metropolises. Keep your ads rollin‘!

Billboard Media

Big – Bigger – Billboards. Any more advertising space and it would be almost outrageous. 

Digital Billboard Media

Market with (e)motion. One of the fastest growing forms of advertising today – are you in? 

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