Bus & Tram


The back of a double-decker bus featuring an advertisement for 'Guatemala', while driving through London.
a tram with an image ad on the side for "Asana"
A tram, fully covered in blue advertising, effectively presents the 'Capital Group' to pedestrians and other people on the streets of Geneva.
A bus with an out-of-home (OOH) advertisement promoting Jordan.
In Paris, in front of the Place de la Concorde, a sightseeing bus with Super Rear advertising is visible. The design belongs to Globoplay Originals.
a long bus, covered in a ooh (out of home) ad for the ITB, a trade fair in Berlin.

Client Examples for: Bus & Tram

examples for OOH on the road

Through advertising messages on buses and streetcars, you will be noticed by several hundred thousand people every day. This reach enables companies to market their brand awareness or their offers across target groups and to remain in the memory of potential customers. Depending on your needs, advertising can be used locally, regionally or nationally, and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Here you can find some bus & tram campaigns that we have implemented for our clients. 

bus & tram ads

Muratbey has booked three trams in Berlin, Cologne, and Frankfurt to advertise their Turkish cheese in Germany…

Guatemala made a big splash at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London with the launch of five different sightseeing bus …

On behalf of the Capital Group company and in close cooperation with the Talon Outdoor agency from London …

Jordan Tourism ran a bus advertising campaign in Frankfurt am Main and Munich. A total of 40 …

Along with ALTERMARK LLC, we launched the Globoplay Originals advertising campaign …

On behalf of the software company Asana, we realized an advertising campaign on trams in Berlin …

As part of a successful collaboration with the agency Interface International GmbH, we implemented an impressive …

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Are you interested in seeing other successfully implemented OOH campaigns? 

No problem! We offer you a wide range of options to communicate your message to your target group in a targeted way and thus maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. Our OOH advertising is not only effective, but also extremely flexible. 

You can choose from various formats, including taxi advertising, as demonstrated by our client “Sunnycars” with their eye-catching “Roof Top Ad.” Alternatively, you might consider billboard advertising, as exemplified by “Asana,” or airport advertising, as utilized by “Atacaama Software” with a DCLP.

Take a look at our additional customer examples. We wish you plenty of inspiration for your next – unique – campaign!



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