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Outdoor advertising in Europe

Whether billboard advertising, bus advertising, taxi advertising or airport advertising: With outdoor advertising, you can reach millions of people in Europe every day and be able to control your advertising accurately.

Billboard advertising in Europe

The transmission of advertising messages once started on Billboard. And even today, outdoor advertising media are among the most important communication tools in the advertising industry. Because of its widespread distribution, billboards are a good medium for advertising campaigns. If you want to advertise your event or your product visibly, billboard advertising is very important. More than 90% of the population in Europe is now mobile. As pedestrians, motorists, or as users of public transport, the population has regular contact with the advertising messages of outdoor advertising. 
The future of OOH are digital billboards. It is a flexible form of outdoor advertising. The digital ads allow advertisers to change messages throughout the course of a day.
With the digital screens you can count on undivided attention because this advertising media is an effective but above all eye-catching way to address passers-by and waiting people.

The wtm-outdoor-advertising map

Within our map you can directly click the European city you want to advertise in, to see what we can offer there. Alternatively you can pick it in the Cities menu on the right.
On the overview page of the chosen city, our advertising company mention the most important local advertising options and you will be able to select what you prefer. For example bus advertising, taxi advertising, airport advertising or billboard advertising. Note that the formats are not standardized across Europe so there are differences that we will point out to you. 
If your desired location is not listed, contact us directly and we will send you the necessary information for your next OOH campaign.

Book the following media with us:
blow up advertising, banner advertising, guerrilla billboard advertising, big poster outdoor advertising, gint billboard advertising, fair advertising, exhibition advertising, street advertising, digital billboard ads, airport ads, taxi door advertising, taxi roof advertising, bus full cover advertising, bus back side advertising, digital OOH advertising, floor graphics advertising and much more.

Forms and formats

For the various media there are different sizes and shapes. Each country or city has its own sizes and forms for its advertising medium (taxi ads, bus ads, billboard ads and airport media). Therefore, we let produce the advertisements of local producers who are specialize on it.

Do you need help with the creation of your advertisement?
At your request, our partner Astrid will design your individual advertising for your campaigns. Astrid will be your direct contact. You discuss with her in detail your design wishes and the deployment.

You will find further information at: www.greifdesign.net

Campaigns example

Advertise with digital billboards

Digital billboard is the most timesaving & flexible form of outdoor advertising. They are becoming the preferred choice of top tier advertisers because they are back-lit, eye-catching from far away. With just a few clicks of a mouse you can place a message on hundreds of locations. The digital billboard allows advertisers also to change messages throughout the course of a day.
The digital screens can be found mainly in train stations, streets, airports, shopping malls and other public places. They are ideal for product or image advertising.

Advantages of digital billboard ads

  • Multiple messages or motifs
  • Increased advertising effect through moving image
  • Saving production costs
  • Shorter lead times
  • Flexible start dates
  • Prime locations
  • 24/7 visible

The Future of outdoor advertising is DIGITAL.

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