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Let me introduce you to: wtm

Market expert for your outdoor advertising since 2007

Founded in 2007 as an independent media agency for outdoor advertising, wtm developed from an owner-managed small business into a powerful agency. Today, we offer our customers all advertising media throughout Europe, all from a single source:

  • consultation & strategy 
  • planning & printing 
  • production & quality control
  • photo as a proof
  • videography 

wtm GmbH has grown healthily in recent years, which is why we have been able to expand our expertise and now have our own specialists and corresponding websites for the respective markets. 

On the one hand, „„, which covers the entire German market, our regional site for the global metropolis of Berlin „“ and – you are currently on these pages – „wtm-outdoor-advertising“. Here, the focus is on European cities and thus we even offer our customers cross-national outdoor advertising throughout Europe.

Quality from one hand

many in-house experts for your
external advertising success

Expert, Europe-wide

regional but also transnational
outdoor advertising is our expertise

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implemented advertising in almost
every western European member states

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Programmatic Digital Outdoor Advertising

future-oriented: staying up to date with wtm

Media at airports, advertising on cabs, megaposters and billboards are particularly in demand. Billboards include city light posters, city light boards and areas with paper posters. For several years now, paper billboards have been replaced with digital boards in major European cities. In a few days (after submitting the MP4) the advertising is on the street or in the shopping center, regardless of the city.

The programmatic OOH future

Programmatic digital outdoor advertising makes it possible to play out the spots very specifically according to the customer’s specifications. We define the „triggers“ with our customers and thus set the course for a targeted approach to the target group. The triggers, also known as filters, can be specific advertising media, locations, times, days, weather conditions, as well as socio-demographic characteristics of the people who pass the advertising media. This is because various data triggers, such as Bluetooth beacons, can be used to take up-to-date measurements of where the target audience is currently located. In this way, we minimize costly wastage for our customers and maximize precise targeting.

not yet to the moon
but getting close

we rely on analog advertising media, on digital out-of-home, but also on programmatic outdoor advertising (programmatic DOOH)


yes, this platform still exists but just have a look for yourself. A look at our account is always worthwhile!


Pictures say more than a thousand words, and that's how we see it, too. Let videos inspire you for your next OOH campaign.


here we post regularly about our past advertising implementations or other news articles worth reading

The wtm-Team

a few sentences about us: wtm-outdoor-advertising

we love multi-culti

at least 5 languages
are spoken at our offices

Even though the world seems to be spinning faster and faster, we have retained triggers. We attach great importance to independence and want to be beholden only to our customers and not to shareholders. At the center of our actions is the goal of long-lasting customer relationships, which quite simply begins with customer satisfaction.

Our team has grown over the years to 10 employees (2 trainees). We are a real multi-culti team, consisting of several nationalities. Therefore tolerance is not a foreign word for us. Of course our employees speak the language of our customers: German, English and Spanish.

Since a few months new momentum has come into the management Svenja Schwarz has been heading the wtm agency for a few months now. True to the motto that today’s success is the enemy of tomorrow’s success, she is setting the course for the coming years with new ideas and visions. If you have any ideas or suggestions, for example about our portfolio, please call Svenja. She is open to your wishes.

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Are you satisfied with the work that we, as the WTM team, are doing?

Recently, we’ve also created a „Google My Business Account“ for our international clients. We are currently in the process of setting up the account for customer reviews and are excited to receive the first reviews from our previous clients.

So, if you have already worked with us, we would appreciate your feedback! Nothing and no one is perfect; constructive criticism is just as valuable to us as a great compliment. 
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