Billboard Advertising:


Large analog billboard advertising featuring promotions for India.
Billboard-Advertising for an event in Berlin.
Snipes advertisement in a tunnel. A pedestrian is walking through the frame.
An advertising column featuring a Beluga advertisement stands in the middle of Berlin at a busy intersection.
On a screen in a pedestrian zone, there is an advertising space for 'Jordan,' with many people strolling through the area.
A subway is arriving at the station. Many people are trying to board, and on the left side, there is a large analog billboard advertisement.

Client Examples for: Billboard Advertising

examples for BB

WTM-Outdoor is the expert in billboard advertising in Europe. We work in every national and international market. Below we present some of our best implementations for billboards and the best available billboard locations in the desired areas. Here are some campaigns we have implemented for our clients.

Let the images inspire you for your next billboard campaign.

Billboard ads

For the timing of the Berlin Marathon, Taiwan booked an advertising campaign in Berlin. By well selecting …

Asana implemented an impressive advertising campaign in Berlin. With selected locations of columns …

Snipes ran a two-week product campaign „Walk Your own Legacy“ in Barcelona. The goal was …

In cooperation with two other agencies, we implemented an extensive advertising campaign …

On behalf of the airline AirVistara, WTM implemented a large-scale advertising campaign in …

We implemented a product advertising campaign for Beluga Vodka International Limited in …

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Discover the many possibilities that out-of-home advertising offers! Whether on taxis, buses or airports – reach your target group in the right places at the right time. Use innovative advertising media to present your message even more effectively.

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Click on the links below and get inspired by some eye-catching implementations from „LogMein Inc.“ at Munich Airport. Or take a look at the oudoor advertising from Botswana who opted for a bus full cover (wrap). Why not take a look in the „Taxi Advertising Example“ section and discover something new?

Taxi outdoor ads

This is what our customers' advertising looks like on the streets: Cab advertising

Airport outdoor ads

This is what our clients' ads looks like at terminals & gates: Airport advertising

bus outdoor ads

This is how our clients' advertising looks on means of transport: Bus advertising

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