Digital Billboard


Advertising on a digital billboard for 'Flippies Art,' with a pedestrian crossing the image.
Advertisement for an airline on a digital screen.
On the night-time shopping street Kurfürstendamm, on the left, a glass building is visible. On it, a large digital screen with Beluga Vodka advertising is displayed. At the intersection, pedestrians are crossing the street.
Out of Home Ad for a special "Snipes" shoe. The screen is extremely big and on a higher level of a building.
Digital advertising in a shopping mall, right in front of a store entrance, promoting the destination 'Jordan.
In the subway area of the Metro in Lisbon, a digital screen on the wall is visible. In the center of the image, a person is looking directly at the advertising from on the screen, while another person is passing from right to left. In the background on the right side, benches are visible.

Client Examples for: Digital Billboards

examples for DBB

We have been working with a variety of different clients for several years. WTM-Outdoor is the expert in digital billboard advertising in Europe. We work in national and international market. With a few details, we will quickly present you with the best available billboard locations in the desired areas. 

Following you can find a selection of examples which we have implemented throughout Europe on different digital billboard surfaces. Get inspired!

Digital board ads

We were able to help Snipes book an impressive and huge digital advertising space in Milan …

With the advertising agency Elite Marketing Service, we implemented another impressive …

Beluga Vodka International Limited commissioned WTM to implement a digital advertising campaign in Berlin …

In Lisbon, Portugal, we organized a campaign on behalf of that was implemented on 19 digital screens …

AirArabia advertised for its airline on 53 digital screens in the metro stations of Copenhagen …

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Here you will find more OOH (Out-of-Home) implementations in the category of taxi, bus and airport advertising.
We have a variety of customised solutions for your advertising campaigns in these specific areas. 

From taxi top advertising to bus wrap to airport displays – with us you will find the right offer to suit your needs.

Simply click through the links and let our previous work with clients like „Snipes,“ „Asana,“ and „Jordan“ inspire you.

Taxi outdoor ads

This is what our customers' advertising looks like on the streets: Cab advertising

Airport outdoor ads

This is what our clients' ads looks like at terminals & gates: Airport advertising

bus outdoor ads

This is how our clients' advertising looks on means of transport: Bus advertising

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