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offer of the month

While we always make every effort to offer you the best price anyway, we have regular special offers for you here on this page.

Discover the monthly changing special offers and special deals for you. These offers are always for „while stocks last“.

offer only valid in June

Special Offer OOH

offer of the month

While we always make every effort to offer you the best price anyway, we have regular special offers for you here on this page.

Discover the monthly changing special offers and special deals for you. These offers are always for „while stocks last“.

offer only valid in June

Giant poster advertising during the Paris Olympics!

impressive facade advertising in Paris

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight of the Olympic Games in Paris! Our offer of the month includes exclusive giant poster advertising in various prime locations close to the events.

Why mega poster advertising in Paris?
The French capital is known not only for its cultural diversity and historical sights, but also for its lively streets. With a giant poster, you can reach not only a large everyday audience, but also a multicultural audience that will be walking the lively streets of Paris during the Olympic Games.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Huge surface: Your message is presented on impressive facades that offer maximum surface to attract attention.
  • Wide reach: In Berlin you will reach a diverse audience – tourists, locals, business people and culture lovers. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand far beyond the city limits.
  • Long-term visibility: Your big banner will be visible for a period of four weeks (or longer by agreement), giving you plenty of time to be remembered by your target audience

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Make the most of this unique opportunity:

out of home advertising during the Paris Olympics

Explore the wide range of location options and associated costs to showcase your business in the best possible light. Our individual advertising solutions provide you with the perfect platform to attract the attention of an international audience.

Contact us now to find out more details and secure your customised advertising package for the Paris Olympic Games.
This is a once in a decade opportunity – don’t miss the chance to showcase your brand to a global audience!

The Olympic Games are waiting for your advertising message – be present, be unforgettable!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create an outstanding presence for your business. 
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Overview and pricing for the DOOH Metro Ads

pricing for DOOH in Amsterdam

It is important to mention if there is a preference for a particular week in December. Other budget details can of course be discussed.
This DOOH campaign is not only an innovative way to promote your company, but also allows you to spread your message in an impressive way on the busy streets of Amsterdam.

We are here to discuss all the details and ensure that this campaign is perfectly tailored to your individual needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation.

Thank you for your interest in our services.
We look forward to working with you to create a successful and effective DOOH campaign. Contact us!


No. of Location

No. of Screens


Spot length


Media costs


Discounted Media




1 week

10 sec.


€ 25.000,00


€ 18.750,00

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Follow this link to our blog article about "Giant Poster Advertising"

our offer in detail

Giant poster ads at selected premium locations in Berlin. View you offer now.

Giant posters

Follow this link to our article about "Giant Posters". Find more informative details about this type of outdoor advertising.

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Yes, there are several categories of products offered on the site. Some possible categories could be:

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