Taxi advertising in Paris

Whether on the way to a trade fair, to the airport, after an extensive shopping tour on the Champs Elysée or late at night - people like to call a taxi from time to time to get from A to B. That is why the branded taxis are constantly on the road in Paris!
On average, 150km are driven every day.

City light columns: The premium advertising medium

Those who rely on "City Light columns" are assured of extremely high contact numbers and corresponding attention. But why actually? It is due to the combination of various factors that make "city light columns" an exceedingly popular advertising media with a premium character. This much in advance: it is effective for advertisers in every respect.

Focus on the future: From "bulletin board" to digital billboard ads in London

Anyone who has ever been to London knows that the streets are always full and well attended. Not only locals appreciate this vibrant city, but also many tourists are attracted to the capital of England.

Your advertising at BER Airport

From now on there will be only one major airport in Berlin: The Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER (Willy Brandt). After many delays in the construction works, the BER airport was opened on October 31, 2020. Passengers will depart and arrive at a total of three terminals. Berlin Brandenburg Airport has a train station with several platforms directly under the terminal. In the future, a train connection to Berlin's central station with a travel time of half an hour is planned.

Giant Poster advertising Europe-wide

Not only big, but also oversized: Your advertising on a 100m² surface and more. More attention is not possible. Whether on high-rise buildings, parking lots, airports, or scaffolding - your advertising covers several square meters, even around corners.

Sightseeing bus advertising

Transport media have many advantages, they are kind of "outdoor advertising on wheels", once across the city. Everyone has seen them before, whether on buses, on trams or even on sightseeing buses.

Vienna vacation exhibition (Ferienmesse)

Vacations mean far and city journeys, bath vacation and Sightseeing, single and family vacation as well as unusual adventure and relaxing wellness rests.

What do the ITB, billboard advertising and chocolate santas have in common?

Guess what: When did this year's production for chocolate Santa Clauses start? Unbelievable but true, many manufacturers start production already in May. Big events need lead time.

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