Lisbon – from the point of view of outdoor advertising

Lisbon is a lively city with many residents and tourists on the streets, susceptible to outdoor advertising. The old city center is characterized by narrow streets, sometimes escalating to a sudden steep hill. Here, you cannot find any billboard advertising, neither digital nor analog or even posters. The best means to present ads in the old parts of Lisbon is to place them on public transport.

Digital City Light Poster

Digital presence in the streets: with digital city light posters!
This September, advertising on digital city light posters presents an effective marketing tool. In the beginning of September (6-11th), the annual trade fair IFA will take place in Messe Berlin and will present the newest technologies on the market.

AirArabia on digital CLP

AirArabia launched Europe-wide campaigns for the summer of 2019. In order to make the low prices known, AirArabia started in the Danish capital city Copenhagen. In cooperation with the advertising agency wtm from Berlin, AirArabia advertised on the digital metro boards for 2 weeks.

The offer was the cheap connection from Copenhagen to Agadir in Morocco.

GoToMeeting outdoor advertising

In a cooperation between the advertising agency TUG Agency from London and the advertising agency wtm Marketing from Berlin, an outdoor advertising campaign for GoToMeeting was carried out in November 2018 and January 2019.

Outdoor advertising in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a pulsing and marvellous city. Scenic bridges, the wide spread system of canals, and narrow houses attract millions of tourists, annually. Cycling belongs to Amsterdam’s culture. Therefore, the cityscape is characterised by many bike lanes, parked bicycles, and numerous bike riders.

Digital CLP in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city of media and culture in which there is much to discover. In the pedestrian zones or traffic-calmed streets, the new digital CLPs of the future have been set up for several years and enable the use of moving images. The perfect platform for creative motifs and flexible campaigns.

Study on digital Out of Home advertising

The study “Public & Private Screens 2016/2017” reaches astonishing results. Roughly 60% of all citizens over the age of 14 get into contact with digital Out of Home media at least once every seven days. For those, ages 14 to 29, the percentage lies at approximately 75%.

Outdoor advertising in Istanbul

Outdoor advertising in Istanbul is very present. Transport advertising and billboard advertisements are ubiquitous. Especially striking are the tram advertisements. Most trams are completely covered with advertising.


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