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Cologne bus and tram advertising

Cologne is a vibrant city with a well-structured road and public transport infrastructure network. Cologne buses connect the city center with the periphery and interconnect stations of different line of the Stadtbahn. Together, the trams and buses are organized by the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB), the public transport company, noting 282,3 million passengers every year.

Choosing to place your OOH in, on and around buses and trams offers many advantages at a glance. For example, they increase the awareness of a brand or help to announce new openings. With approx. 30 to 50 square meters of advertising surface, you can reach the target demographic in the purchasing circle and thus successfully stand out from the regional competition. Buses and trams present a hyper advertising surface that can bring your message and brand through the whole city.

Designs and formats on public transport

Choose between different formats and campaign length to get your ads rolling on the streets. Do you want to use bus / tram advertising for a short-term campaign or for longer than 12 months?  Choose between full and partial designs and receive the most cost-effective outcome.

Partial design:
- traffic boards (on the side)
- super rear (on the back)

Great for short-term campaigns and event or offer publicity

Complete design:
- full cover (wrap the whole bus/tram)

Gain the most attention with a fully wrapped bus or tram. Perfect for long-term branding.

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