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Frankfurt bus and tram advertising

Public transport is very important in Frankfurt. Every day, over 450.000 commuters use public transport to get into Frankfurt city for work or leisure. This does not include the countless visitors and tourists, yet. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund (RMV) organizes the fare structure and distribution between the operators running the Frankfurt urban rail system (S-Bahn), the subway (U-Bahn), trams, and buses. Together, they access the city and its periphery.
The U-Bahn (underground) network in Frankfurt consists of 9 lines and covers mainly the part of the city north of the Main and the city center. Frankfurt S-Bahn (urban rail train) also runs on 9 lines, but, in comparison to the U-Bahn, trains are longer, distances in terms of between stations and line length are longer and with it velocity going up to 140km/h compared to the about 50km/h of the U-Bahn, are much faster, too. Great for commuting quickly between the suburban areas and the center.

On the streets, the fleet of trams, running on 9 lines, and buses are complementing the public transport network. In addition the trams already running with electrical overhead lines, Frankfurt started implanting also electrical buses and fuel cell buses. Placing your advertising on buses and trams in Frankfurt reaches the everybody on the streets on a daily basis. Furthermore, moving advertising is perceived better. Your bus will be seen by many people, day by day. Whether from the car, on bikes, as a pedestrian or bus passenger.

If your target group is situated in a certain part of the city, you can choose stationary media by placing your advertising on giant billboards in train stations or the city light posters in tram shelters or bus stops. The commuter’s waiting time is your advertising time. Find out more on billboard advertising here.

Advertising on buses and trams in Frankfurt is flexible

Get your ads rolling on the streets and benefit from the various possibilities of bus and tram advertising.

Partial design:
- as traffic boards on the side
- super rear on the back

Complete design:
- full cover

The more conspicuous and interesting the design, the higher the attention and re-recognition effects. Whether long-term bus advertising or publicity of unique events, almost everything is possible. Bus advertising is worth it!

Allow us to show you some advertising opportunities for

Here you can watch a short clip about bus advertising

Please visit also our special website for tourist buses advertising: https://sightseeing-bus-advertising.com/

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