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Madrid bus advertising

Madrid serves the city with a highly developed infrastructure of public transport. On the streets of Madrid, the extensive bus network is supporting the trains. Madrid has more about 217 bus lines and transports more than 425 million passengers per year. More than 3000 buses are rolling through the Spanish capital every day and, therefore, provide the perfect opportunity for brands to reach the valuable and affluent audience. The buses will run through the streets of Madrid city center, passing all the main sites, landmarks and shopping areas during your campaign. Plus, it is the only transportation medium in Madrid running 24 hours. Everyone on the streets will see your brand and message – days and night!

Placing your advertising on and around buses in Madrid is worth it! Benefit from the extra advertising time, while commuters are waiting for the next bus or train, by placing your ads on digital city light posters or giant billboards in train stations or the shelter of bus stops. Learn more about billboard advertising here.

With bus ads, your brand goes through the city

Catch the attention of your desired target group all over the city. The more creative your design, the higher the visibility and recognition effect. Depending on your budget, desire for a long-term branding or publicity of unique events, almost everything is possible.

Formats and campaigns (recommendation):

Short-term campaigns:

  • traffics boards on the side of the bus
  • super rear cover on the back.

Great for publishing events and special offers.

Long-term branding:

  • full cover

Attract even more attention due to higher visibility with a fleet of fully wrapped buses. Perfect for long-term branding.

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Here you can watch a short clip about bus advertising

Please visit also our special website for tourist buses advertising: https://sightseeing-bus-advertising.com/

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