Taxi advertising: get your message moving on the streets of Lisbon

Wide range. City-wide visibility and cost-effective to boot. These three points sound more than tempting to you? If so, taxi advertising in Lisbon is just the thing for you! But read for yourself:

Advertise on taxis and generate huge reach and high contact numbers in the process

2017a07a07a162001 500The holiday season is particularly busy in Europe’s metropolises. Countless tourists flock to the popular capitals and, accordingly, the reach and contact numbers achieved with taxi advertising naturally increase once again. Regardless of whether it is the high season or the low season, your advertising on taxis in Lisbon will reach a lot – especially your target group! On average, transport advertising covers more than 150km a day. On these routes, your outdoor advertising passes highly frequented locations and the most popular hotspots, i.e., venues where city life pulsates, and generates countless contacts in the process. Your advertising is therefore present at strategically important locations and attracts a high level of attention.

Transport advertising is and remains a medium of outdoor advertising with which advertisers achieve the best possible reach and high contact rates even with a short booking time. One of the reasons for this is …


Taxi advertising that sticks: On cars and in the minds of target groups

The different advertising formats for taxis easily attract the attention of road users, tourists and passers-by for your outdoor advertising. The eye-catching and individual solutions can be tailored directly to your advertising needs. We will be happy to advise you!

The following effective formats are available in Lisbon: Door covers

    • Door Cover +
    • Door Cover
    • Door Cover Classic


You also benefit from the fact that taxi side surfaces are only ever occupied by one advertiser. The exclusive use of the advertising media also ensures a concentrated presence of your transport advertising.

Different formats and short-term bookings also make taxi advertising an attractive and, above all, effective form of outdoor advertising. The more taxis you include in your fleet, the stronger the repetition effect with target groups, because the cars can always be found in busy places in the city. This increases the advertising effect many times over.

In Lisbon, many of the „mobile advertising media“ are available and offer sufficient surface and presence for your brand. Whether for marketing products, brands or services, with this outdoor advertising you can also reach your target group – generally speaking – as transport advertising always attracts a lot of attention in road traffic.


OOH that never sleeps: advertising on cars

Individual solutions and a maximum contact rate, even with short running times, make this OOH a cost-effective alternative or a profitable addition to the media mix for local and regional advertising campaigns in Portugal. Due to the mobility of the advertising medium, the advertising is always in circulation, which means your advertising is on the move throughout the city to reach a large audience 24/7, 365 days a year. With taxi advertising in Lisbon, it’s your advertising that never rests!

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