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Amsterdam bus and transit advertising

Amsterdam has a very diverse transit system, comprised by railways, 5 metro rapid transit lines, 14 tram lines, 56 bus lines, and a vast number of boats and ferries traveling the famous Amsterdam canals. Most of Amsterdam’s public transport is organized by the GVB, the municipal transport company, and records over 230 million passengers per year. Furthermore, Amsterdam is famous for its status as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities of the world.

The bus and tram network of Amsterdam is especially sophisticated and connects all the city districts and opens up the surroundings of the city. Therefore, Amsterdam bus and tram advertising offers your brand exciting means of reaching and engaging with audiences in the heart of the Dutch capital. Buses present impactful visibility and bring your message rolling across the whole city due to the fact that vehicles are not limited to specific lines. So wherever you your target group is situated, be sure to reach it by placing your advertising on this hyper mobile media.

If you prefer to catch your target group in a specific location, you can choose to place your ads in waiting areas of tram stops, bus shelters and train stations. Cleverly booked networks of digital city light posters or giant billboards in stations give you the unique opportunity to attract the attention of passengers with extended waiting times. Consciously or subconsciously, they will be subject to your brand or message. You can find billboard advertising here.

Amsterdam bus and tram advertising formats:

Whether you are looking into long-term branding or broadcasting a specific event, advertising on trams and buses in Amsterdam offers various options to suit your budget.

  • Rear cover: the back of the bus receives a complete or partial design and attracts the attention of everyone behind them
  • Traffic boards: different designs are placed on the side of the bus or tram, visible for everyone seeing the vehicle standing or passing by
  • Full cover: the complete bus or tram is covered in your brand. A real eye-catcher!

Buses and tram ads are extremely effective. They create countless impressions with pedestrians, car drivers, bikers, and commuters – everyone on the road! Bus advertising is worth it!

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