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Copenhagen bus advertising

Copenhagen has a tight network of buses, of which the A- buses (primary lines) and the S-buses (express lines) are running during the day and the N-buses are covering the night hours. During rush hours, A-buses are departing every 3-7 minutes.

This extensive network of public transport presents the perfect media for outdoor advertising in Copenhagen because it creates millions of contacts every day. Therefore, placing ads in and around public transport is an effective branding tool. 

Copenhagen public transport ads

Advertising on buses in Copenhagen means advertising in the whole city. They are hyper mobile and drive your message and brand on multiple lines through the streets. Long travel times and riding frequency allow your message to contact the mobile people on the streets. Next to buses, the cityscape is dominated by countless bike riders. Copenhagen invested in wide bike lanes and, therefore, presents one of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities.
Capture the attention of commuters, car drivers, bike riders, tourists, and pedestrians with vibrant messages and innovative designs on Copenhagen buses. Bus advertising is seen by thousands every day, so you can be sure to reach your desired target group. Book long-term bus advertising or choose the publicity boost of unique events, almost anything is possible.

Different formats:

  • full cover
  • traffic boards (on the side)
  • rear covers

Bus ads ensure the highest visibility with your budget and make it the perfect marketing tool for your branding.

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