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Geneva bus and tram advertising

Due to its status as a diplomat’s city, Geneva’s streets in the historic city center are packed during rush hours and parking spots are rare. Therefore, trains, buses and trams are important means for public transportation, as well as, playing a major role in outdoor advertising in Geneva. 
The public transport company TPG operates 4 tram lines, 65 cantonal and international bus lines (day and night lines), and a fleet of 92 trolleybuses. 11 of these trolleybuses are even double-decker articulated buses, that measure 24 meters and can carry up to 150 passengers. First used on line 10, these double-articulated buses carried passengers to and from the airport.

Advertising on buses and in trams are reaching all mobile people immediately multiple times each week and should, therefore, be part of every media plan. Buses and trams are connecting the city center with suburban areas, so you can be sure that your ads are carried through the whole city, making countless impressions.

If you want to reach a specific target group in a certain area or you need more time to get your message across, you can choose to advertise on giant billboard in train stations or in tram shelters or bus stops. Waiting for the next bus or tram, commuters enjoy looking at creative designs to pass the time. Utilize their waiting time and check out billboard advertising.

Discover Geneva's bus and tram advertising opportunities

Popular advertising formats on buses and trams:
- traffic boards on the side
- rear covers in the back
- full cover

Partial designs are used for short-term campaigns of 1 to 3 months. Regional clients often rent partial spaces, like the inexpensive rear of a bus. Fully wrapped buses are costlier, yet, more prominent, because they cover the bus completely in the brand environment. Here, production costs are much higher than with standardized formats. If you decide for a fully wrapped bus, the campaign could run for about 1 to 2 years.
Inside the trams and buses, you can advertise with video sports or still frames on the right screen of the passenger information video screens.
Get your ads rolling through Geneva in your format and budget.

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