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London bus advertising

London is a vibrant metropolis with a sophisticated transport network of underground trains (the tube) and buses. Implemented in 1863, the tube is the oldest and one of the longest undergrounds in the world. With its 11 lines, it serves more than 5 million passengers every day, and 1.357 billion a year. In 2018, this amount of passengers ranked the London tube the 11th busiest metro of the world.
In the streets, the double-decker London red bus is one of the most famous emblems of the city. Yet, there are also single-deck articulated buses serving the city. The busiest route, Route 25, transports over 19 million passengers every year.

Placing your advertising on the red buses in London is a very successful marketing tool because they are traveling on high-frequency roads all over the city creating countless impressions every day. Furthermore, vehicles are not limited to one specific line, so your advertising can reach every part of the city during your campaign.
If you prefer stationary advertising to impress a certain target group, billboard advertising is the right choice for you. Utilize the waiting time of bus and train passengers by placing your ads on city light posters or digital billboards, located in the shelter of bus stops and train stations. For billboard advertising click here.

Reach millions of tourists, commuters, buyers and professionals in London

Be sure to reach your target group with your largescale moving ads on London’s famous red buses. Commuters, tourists, car drivers, bike riders, pedestrians, everyone on the street will see your advertising. Choose between different campaigns and formats to create the desired impact:

  • on the back as rear cover
  • on the side as traffic boards
  • full cover

Especially the full cover is an effective eye-catcher. The whole bus is fully wrapped in your advertising, which means more space for your brand and message. Perfect for long-term branding.

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