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Billboard advertising in London

The London PICCADILLY LIGHTS wall is probably the most famous digital billboard advertising surface in Europe. But there are also a lot of possibilities for digital billboard advertising at other corners in London. Day in and day out, millions of people move on the streets of London, each passing a variety of billboards along the way. Whether your goal is to reach the youth, a specific gender, or a general audience, billboard advertising will help you reach your desired target group.

Discover London’s digital billboard advertising opportunities

Whether you are new to the market, a first-time advertiser, or an existing business, one efficient advertising strategy is to billboard. Choose between different formats and locations to meet your target group and budget. Banners, big blow-ups on building facades, giant posters, columns, or even ad vans are a great way to get your message across. Yet, digital city light posters (CLP) or city light boards (CLB) are more effective way to advertise through better visibility. Most CLPs on the streets are placed in bus stops / bus shelters. Digital billboards are the future. 

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