Have you ever heard of "mobile outdoor advertising"?

Probably yes! Because on the one hand, you wouldn't have ended up here at this blog article if you weren't familiar with the term and on the other hand, "mobile OOH" (short for "out of home") is already almost part of our everyday life.

Frankfurt Airport is Germany's largest hub, even the third largest in Europe, so it's hardly surprising that anyone who places outdoor advertising here is noticed by a large international audience and carries their advertising message far and wide across the globe. But not only that!

Have you ever asked yourself after an important conversation, be it with colleagues, superiors, or other decision-makers: What impression have I just made, do they like me, and did I come across as likeable?

The tranquil city of Geneva is located at the south-western tip of French-speaking Switzerland and, despite its relatively small population of 200,000, claims quite a few superlatives.

Wide range. City-wide visibility and cost-effective to boot.
These three points sound more than tempting to you? If so, taxi advertising in Lisbon is just the thing for you! But read for yourself:

Ever had the opportunity to speak directly to a politician? Outdoor advertising does it every day! Why don't you have a word with ... with airport advertising in Brussels and address your advertising directly to your target group, e.g., politicians and other decision-makers, at a prestigious advertising location.

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What do you think: Why do your market competitors run outdoor advertising at all?

Outdoor advertising does not only generate high contact numbers and enormous reach in your hometown, no - your OOH campaign can also cause a sensation all over Europe but read for yourself.

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