Advertising on trams in Vienna or as the locals would say: “Bims”

BIMS 1In Vienna, it is particularly worthwhile to rely on this transport medium, as the tram is the most popular means of transport for Austrians. This is also confirmed by the figures, as more than 305 million passengers use the “Bims” every year. For advertisers in OOH, the advantage is therefore clear: extremely high contact numbers.

Due to the tightly meshed network and the equally high frequency of the trams, advertising is omnipresent in city traffic. You can reach a large number of people in the middle of the action and also various target groups. Whether commuters, people on their way to work, tourists or different age groups – those who rely on tram advertising anchor themselves firmly in the cityscape. But that’s not all!

The possibility of targeting contacts several times, as they make the journey repeatedly or even daily, increases the recall effect of your advertising message once again. Regular contact leads to a steady increase in brand awareness and can be further strengthened by high visibility wraps. This way, the advertising message inevitably becomes an “eye catcher” through a complete design of the tram. The oversized advertising surface offers enough space for high impact advertising motifs, but even a partial design can attract attention with exciting or colorful motifs in an otherwise grey cityscape!

BIMS 2Clearly, the longer the duration of your advertising campaign, the higher the coverage of contact numbers and the more brand awareness grows. Nevertheless, tram advertising is known for: Large coverage and quick awareness of the advertising, which lasts for a long time. This means that maximum visibility can be achieved even with a short advertising duration!

Tram advertising in Vienna makes it possible to reach many people and thus a high number of contacts, with an upward trend. Due to the oversize of the means of transport, you are guaranteed the attention of all road users anyway. Bold and eye-catching advertising motifs can also benefit from a rapid build-up of coverage. With successful outdoor advertising of this kind, the recognition effect will last for a long time.

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