Focus on the future: From „bulletin board“ to digital billboard ads in London

digital billboard in london

London: Advertising in the British capital

From „bulletin board“ to digital billboard ads in London

Anyone who has ever been to London knows that the streets are always full and well attended. Not only locals appreciate this vibrant city, but also many tourists are attracted to the capital of England. This fact gives advertisers who rely on outdoor advertising high contact numbers – higher than in almost any other European metropolis.

With the „digital billboards“ you can count on undivided attention because this advertising media is an effective but above all eye-catching way to address passers-by and waiting people. Furthermore, „digital billboards“ offer the flexibility of location selection.

Whether oversized and omnipresent on the largest advertising board in Europe, the „Piccadilly Lights“, or free-standing on streets, not far from other landmarks. Whether at the airport, where arriving and departing passengers are advertised with precision, or in the numerous large London train stations – one thing is always certain due to the heavy traffic: your advertising message is recognized by a large local and international audience.


London digital billboard 2


Advertising that never sleeps

Digital billboards display your advertising at any time of day or night, at any location, increasing the number of contacts with your target audience. Unlike other advertising media, such as television advertising, you and your advertising message are always and permanently present. Due to the illuminated screens, the advertisement is also always easy to see and attracts the attention of waiting people, passers-by, and other road users even from a distance.




Moving images, also as still image

Digital billboards mean that your advertising message is displayed in high resolution throughout, whether as a still or moving image – you always get a brilliant impression. If you decide to broadcast a spot, i.e., a moving image, you make use of another advertising effect that is triggered completely subconsciously in the target group: Something moves in the corner of the eye and inevitably, the human eye looks at it like a reflex. Use this opportunity and convince with your advertising message at the right moment. Furthermore, you can freely choose whether the advertisement should appear on the network or on individual digital billboards.

London digital billboard 3


Fast & flexible

„Digital billboards“ correspond completely to the feeling of time in a metropolis: fast & flexible. A big city is constantly changing and therefore it is essential that the advertising material is always adapted to the requirements of the customers and the target group.

The „digital billboards“ therefore also allow short-term and uncomplicated bookings and are just as flexible in changing motifs. Especially since no time-consuming items such as printing or attaching posters have to be taken into account before the launch of the advertising, the processing is fast! The fact that no production costs are incurred is just one more benefit of a modern advertising method. So, you can be sure that your advertisement always has its finger on the pulse of London. Digital billboards are contemporary as well as ultra-modern and fit into the picture of pulsating big cities like London. They are flexible and can be played at any location, alone or on the net. In addition, digitized billboards enable enormous speed, since no time has to be spent on printing, which among other things has a positive effect on cost savings.

In sum, digital billboards are the future of outdoor advertising.

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