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Advertise Blockchains and NFTs with DOOH

What do you think: Why do your market competitors run outdoor advertising at all? There are certainly many reasons, but there is a consensus that unites them all: those who run OOH want to be seen and want to reach their own target groups with advertising – because marketing is all about awareness. In fact, „increasing brand awareness“ has never been as important to companies as it is today, closely followed by the goal of „customer acquisition“.


Increase brand awareness and customer acquisition with digital outdoor advertising

Marketing activities are also essential for product launches and market novelties. A strong visibility of the brand, the service or the product generates a high reach among target groups, which in turn generates (new) customers – this is how you quickly establish yourself on the market and become a permanent fixture. Our clients „Avalanche“ and „“ know this, too, as they use high-reach DOOH to promote blockchain technology and NFTs.

Our two clients have opted for outdoor advertising with „digital screens“, but at different locations in Europe: namely Barcelona airport and Lisbon’s metro stations. With DOOH, you can advertise quickly, easily and, above all, eye-catchingly throughout Europe.

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Huge range and awareness among target groups: With digital screens

With digital out of home you always reach an enormous number of contacts, because here – be it at airports or at important city hubs – several thousands of people are passing by every day. There your brand advertising meets a national but also an international audience and the reach is correspondingly high. This is a great advantage, especially for product launches, because it creates awareness quickly. In addition, the advertising surfaces are present, as they are placed on highly frequented walkways and are usually aligned frontally to the flow of passers-by. For advertisers, high visibility also means equally high contact numbers.


Multiple contacts: Thanks to airport and railway station advertising.

A quick reach or awareness build-up is one thing, but with the digital screens you also reach multiple contacts. With the networks of digital advertising surfaces at the airport or on the street or at the train station level, you accompany your target group for quite a while.

Clearly, the more screens you book, the more often target groups come into contact with your brand. Advertising thus becomes more present and can be more easily remembered by target persons.

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Waiting time is advertising time

Did you know that most travelers prefer to be at the airport an hour or more before departure? With a DOOH at the airport, you take advantage of the long dwell time and address your target groups directly. By the way, the same applies to baggage claim. Here, too, passengers wait up to 20 minutes on average. With the digital screens, your advertising offers a successful change during the monotonous waiting time – advertising is therefore welcome here in the truest sense of the word!

Well, and who hasn’t heard of waiting for the next train at underground stations? The low-stimulus environment makes it easy to attract the attention of the target audience. If you place outdoor advertising here, you can skillfully use the waiting time as your own advertising time. The campaign goal can be increased many times over through creative use of the advertising space, for example with moving images:


All eyes on you: OOH as an attention magnet

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The human eye usually reacts unconsciously to movement, but this is exactly the advantage for advertisers who rely on digital OOH. With an advertising video, you attract the eyes of the waiting people almost magnetically and so your advertising is simply unmissable!




Digital OOH is it: When it’s quick and easy

With digital screens, you can rely on modern and contemporary communication – matching the two products of Avalanche and Another advantage of digital advertising is that advertising slots can be booked almost in real time. Whether Madrid, Paris, London, or Berlin, with DOOH you are quickly and easily „on air“ throughout Europe and inspire your target groups.

With Digital Screen, you can rely on outdoor advertising that generates strong attention and a correspondingly high reach. Whether a strategic placement or a diversified media mix, with DOOH you significantly increase your brand awareness and address (new) customers with the highest impact.

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