Get OOH going in an advertising-free environment: With truck advertising!

Have you ever heard of „mobile outdoor advertising“?

Probably yes! Because on the one hand, you wouldn’t have ended up here at this blog article if you weren’t familiar with the term and on the other hand, „mobile OOH“ (short for „out of home“) is already almost part of our everyday life. Most of us now encounter „mobile advertising“ daily, be it on city buses, sightseeing buses or even on trams and taxis. But have you ever thought of „Transport Media with truck advertising“? In today’s age of (outdoor) advertising, it can be difficult to attract the attention of target groups. An effective and often overlooked option is truck advertising, mobile banner advertising on the road, so to speak. With this OOH, you not only place your advertising prominently in the advertising environment but at the same time stand out from other – classic – alternatives.


Large reach and high contact numbers with outdoor advertising on trucks.

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Truck advertising is a type of outdoor advertising that is placed on trucks or delivery vehicles. Thus, the advertising is on the road, especially on highways but also in city areas, covering long distances. A large reach of the outdoor advertising is thus ensured, as is the fact that the „mobile posters“, which can be up to 80 square metres in surface area, attract a lot of attention in road traffic due to their size alone. This way, your target groups are effectively reached, thanks to oversized visibility in traffic.

The result in figures? With just one truck advertising banner, over 1,000,000 million contacts can be reached per month.



Outdoor advertising on trucks reaches many target groups.

dmax autobahn 1 plakat am lkw 062018 650Advertising on trucks is an effective way to reach a large number of people, especially those target groups who travel by car themselves. This is because your advertising has „airtime“ especially on motorways and country roads, as this is where the „HGVs“ cover the greatest distances. As a study by the German Association of the Automotive Industry shows, travel outside the home takes place primarily by car. Regardless of the respective city size, the passenger car is the front-runner as a means of transport, in rural regions even increasingly so. Fair-weather drivers, professionals, retirees and commuters are thus part of the target groups that can be reached with truck OOH.



Truck advertising drives the advertising message in front of your customers‘ eyes.

titel pal12 650Truck advertising escorts the mobile population throughout the day and literally puts your brand on the road and on the move, right in front of your target groups‘ eyes. Road users simply cannot miss your advertising message, partly because of the size of the mobile advertising poster but also because your advertising attracts attention in an advertising-free zone! This means that your outdoor advertising can unfold its full ad effectiveness, as the large-format advertising message is presented in an almost unrivalled way and is entertaining, even likeable!A very good price-performance ratio is included. The visual contacts, an important key figure for OOH advertisers, are not measured by the number of trucks but by the duration of the driving time.


Truck advertising surfaces with ooh effect

Trucks offer enormous advertising faces for your next „on the road advertising campaign“! The oversized advertising spaces, one truck area equals more than eight large billboard surfaces, cannot be overlooked on the roads. The rear surfaces in particular are characterised by a long viewing time and ensure a continuous coverage of your brand, with a long-term effect. A „full branding“ of a truck, i.e. all tarpaulins of the truck are printed with your OOH campaign, ensures that the advertising message is optimally perceived even when driving past. This makes the outdoor truck advertising an eye-catcher on the road with an „ooh effect“ – whether regional, cross-border, national or even Europe-wide!

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