Oslo and its outdoor advertising possibilities

Copenhagen billboard button klOslo and its outdoor advertising possibilities

Oslo is easy to reach by plane. The Oslo Gardermoen International Airport is about 50 kilometres far from the centre of town. When I got off the plane, I already noticed all the duty-free shops and billboards. And from the luggage claims to the exit you can see many creative outdoor advertising. Airport advertising seems to be very popular in Oslo

After having arrived at the main station, you notice that Oslo is actually a „big city“. Because of all the shops, passers-by and the billboards at the station you feel like you were back at the airport.


Bus advertising in Oslo

Oslo has a good public transportation system. Buses and trams run in shortest distances, so you are hardly annoyed if you miss one or the other. Many of the buses and trams are covered with advertisements. Some have on the side, others at the top and some others in the rear of the bus.

Copenhagen bus header klWhile you can see airport advertising, billboard advertising and bus advertising very often, it is striking that there is no taxi advertising in Oslo. Again, advertising on taxis is not allowed, as in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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