Digital City Light Poster

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Digital City Light Poster

Digital presence in the streets: with digital city light posters! This September, advertising on digital city light posters presents an effective marketing tool. In the beginning of September (6-11th), the annual trade fair IFA will take place in Messe Berlin and will present the newest technologies on the market.

What better way to extend the marketing reach beyond the fair grounds than to place ads on cleverly positioned networks of the modern digital city light posters? CLPs are highly visible and placed in busy streets, shopping areas or at bus stops and in train stations. They attract the attention of shoppers, tourists, and international visitors of the IFA.

Alternatively, three weeks later, there is another international crowd in Berlin for the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, September 29th, 2019. Streets will be closed for cars and millions of Berliners and event visitors will be on the streets. Great opportunity for a brand booster!

In both cases the DCLPs guarantee high attention, creative design ideas via animation possibilities and can also be used at short notice – which makes sure that your advertising message can affect the target group faster and more up to date.

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