Outdoor advertising in Copenhagen

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The Danish capital Copenhagen is reminiscent of Venice, because the much water is a hallmark of the city. It is also called: nowhere are people happier.
As soon as we departed Berlin, we were quickly in Copenhagen. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes, which I can call an express flight. Arrived at Copenhagen Airport, you go on your way to the luggage claim. So that the waiting for the luggage is not boring and stressful, the advertisements on the Coloramas distract you. On the way out, some other airport billboards advertising accompany you with various brands of their products.

If you are outside, you have three possibilities to get to the city and to the hotel: bus, train or taxi. After checking in at the hotel and a short rest, of course you want to get out to gain an overview.

Bus and billboard advertising in Copenhagen

The yellow buses from Copenhagen are mostly covered with creative bus advertising. Some buses have the ads in the rear, others on the side and some are even completely covered with advertising. The central station in Copenhagen is very lively. It is the link between North and Central Europe. Also there are some digital and analogue billboards advertising. They are located between the people without disturbing them.

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When you travel through the streets of Copenhagen, you will notice three things: many cyclists, dense buses and billboard advertising on the streets. The only thing that stands out is that in Copenhagen there is no advertising on taxis. since January 2017 it is forbidden to make taxi advertising in Copenhagen.

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