Outdoor advertising in Rome

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Rome is a fantastic city. Full of history. Wonderful fountains and squares. There are countless churches: quite old and a little younger.

Unfortunately, one hardly finds Billbaord advertising in the city centre. There are only a few sign posters but hardly any city light posters or city light boards on the streets.

There is also a lack of taxi advertising. Rome has many taxis on the streets due to the large number of tourists, but only about 10% of these taxis are equipped with advertising. In return, the taxis that drive with advertising stand out. Therefore, it is not wrong to advertise on taxis to attract attention.


Bus advertising in Rome

The best way to advertise in Rome now is on the buses. The buses are numerous all over Rome. In addition, there are a lot of tourist buses (hop on hop off) on the way to the tourist area every few minutes.


There are different formats for advertising on buses, e.g.:

    • Full cover
    • Super rear
    • Mini rear
    • At the side
    • etc.

With these different formats you can reach your own target groups.

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