Despite the smartphones, there are still 4,100 telephone boxes in Vienna. They are used about two and a half times a day, more than 300,000 users every month. The telephone boxes are mainly found in high-frequency locations such as railway stations, underground stations and pedestrian zones.

Rome is a fantastic city. Full of history. Wonderful fountains and squares. There are countless churches: quite old and a little younger. Unfortunately, one hardly finds Billbaord advertising in the city centre. 

The fastest way to Stockholm is by plane. Most airlines fly to Stockholm-Arlanda airport. From the plane to the exit of the airport you will be accompanied by numerous illuminated billboards. Starting with the baggage claim coloramas up to the taxi stand billboards.

The pedestals, the so-called kiosk tents in Athens, are another traditional form of outdoor advertising in Greece. Kiosks are important hubs for a successful advertising campaign for a company.

In Frankfurt is Germany's largest airport with more than 64.5 million passengers per year and in Europe, only the airports in London Paris and Amsterdam are larger than the Fraport.

In historic cities like Lisbon, advertising is best placed on City Light Posters, on buses and on trams. The streets are too narrow for big billboards. Even columns are sought in vain in Lisbon.

Oslo is easy to reach by plane. The Oslo Gardermoen International Airport is about 50 kilometres far from the centre of town. When I got off the plane, I already noticed all the duty-free shops and billboards. 

The Danish capital Copenhagen is reminiscent of Venice, because the much water is a hallmark of the city. It is also called: nowhere are people happier.

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