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Oslo bus and tram advertising

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has a modern public transport network that fights against congested streets and enables the daily stream of commuters and tourists to get around the city. Facilitating the commute, riders can buy one ticket from public transport company Ruter AS and ride city buses, regional buses, metro trains, ferries, and commuter trains. The most important station is the Oslo central station. Here, you can connect from commuter rail to the metro, to trams, buses, or catch the train to the airport.

Underground, the Oslo metro, called T-banen, operates on 5 lines, with 2 more being planned for 2021-2024, and serves more than 118 million passenger every year.
The streetscape of Oslo is characterized by the traditional electrical trams (Trikken) and the extensive lines or buses connecting the city center with the periphery. With the help of Oslo’s bus and tram advertising fleet, you can drive your message deep into the communities you want to reach. Saturate the downtown of Oslo with your brand through bus advertising.

If you need more time to get your message across, you can choose to advertise on the countless city light posters or giant billboards, located in tram shelters, bus stops, or train stations. Here, you can utilize the waiting time of commuters and entertain them with your ads. For billboard advertising you can look here.

Formats and campaigns:

Bus and tram advertising is a grand way to make an impression in this capital city. The more conspicuous and interesting the design, the higher the attention and re-recognition effects. Running through the whole city, the ads cannot be overseen by the thousands of residents and visitors in Oslo. Choose between different campaigns and formats to meet your budget and desired target group.

Short-term campaigns:

  • traffics boards on the side of the bus
  • super rear cover on the back.

Great for publishing events and special offers.

Long-term branding:

  • full cover

Attract even more attention due to higher visibility with a fleet of fully wrapped buses. Perfect for long-term branding. Advertising on public transport works well for any company.

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