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Billboards advertising in Paris

Digital billboard advertising with competitive advertising rates makes Paris a city with truly effective advertising opportunity. Placed in prime locations, busy streets and in shopping areas. A lot of CLPs on the streets are built-in in bus stops / bus shelters. Billboards are reaching millions of commuters, business people, shoppers and tourist all over the city. With digital city light posters (CLP) or city light boards (CLB), your advertisement is highly visible and impossible to ignore. Billboards have a broad reach, so you can be sure to reach your desired target group.

Stay trendy with Paris digital billboard ads

Digital billboards are the future! Place your ads on digital billboards and benefit from great visibility and flexibility.  Alternatively, you can also make use of more traditional formats like columns, giant posters, big blow-ups on the façade of buildings, or banners, or even moving advertising like ad vans. However, digital billboards are trendy and more effective. Attract attention through moving images and bring multiple images across. Digital billboards are the way to go for your branding.

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