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Paris bus advertising

In Paris, public transport is comprised by the underground trains “metro”, trams in the city periphery and an extensive bus network. Buses in Paris can serve as ‘rolling billboards’, travelling in and around densely populated city streets. Every day, more than 3,5 Million Parisians, business commuters, tourists, and visitors use the public bus fleet of over 1435 lines with 9000 buses. Therefore, extensive bus advertising can leave a lasting impact on pedestrians, motorists and passengers alike. With a presence in prime locations in Paris, the buses are highly visible and impossible to ignore.
Furthermore, waiting times of bus and train passengers are valuable. Utilize their dispensible time and present your ads on city light posters or digital billboards located in the shelter of bus stops and train stations. You can find billboard advertising here.

Promote your brand with bus advertising in Paris

Choose between different formats and campaigns to make the most of your budget.

Examples of your bus advertising opportunities:

Full cover: a fully wrapped bus

Partial design: rear cover (on the back) or traffic board (on the side)

Increase noticeability and makes lasting impressions with your ads rolling through the streets. The bigger and more impressive your design, the better your brand will be recognized and remembered. Be sure to reach your target audience in the streets of Paris.

We have prepared amazing advertising opportunities for

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