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Airport advertising in Berlin

Airport advertising is an excellent opportunity to present your advertising message in one of the most frequented places. The possibilities for advertising products and services at airports are extensive. The airport offers the possibility of poster advertising and other advertising media.
All locations of the Berlin airport can be booked individually or systematically linked to each other. Depending on which communication target you want to achieve. You have the choice between extremely high advertising pressure and conspicuous presence on all routes or continuous support of your target group over long-term durations.
Due to its size, the airport offers optimal selection possibilities according to target groups, whether for B2B or B2C communication.

Benefits of airport advertising

  • Long dwell times
  • All target groups
  • Highest frequencies
  • Diverse, high quality advertising media
  • Target group-specific and individually tailored networks

Some advertising media at the airport

  • City lights
  • Digital boards
  • Megaposter
  • Bus advertising
  • Ceiling hanger
  • Backlit surfaces
  • Floor foils
  • Promotion surface

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