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Billboard advertising in Berlin

Due to its size and placement in direct field of view, billboards attract the attention of all passersby. Billboard advertising in Berlin is very suitable for image and sales campaigns, whether national or international. Giant posters or banners with impressive and innovative designs are an eye-catcher and are always perceived by people, consciously or subconsciously. Effectively place your ads on billboards where your target group is located or create your branding by making use of whole networks of CLPs. Placing your ads on giant blow ups or moving ad vans bring further visibility.

Digital billboards are the future:

While the traditional Berlin columns (Litfaß) are being removed from Berlin’s streets, digital media are gaining more importance by the day. With less printing costs and better visibility, digital billboards are the way to go in future advertising! Choose between the following media to place your ads on a digital solution:

  • Digital city light boards (CLB)
  • Digital city light posters (CLP) (some of them are in bus stops / bus shelters)
  • Train station videos

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