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Billboard advertising in Geneva

Geneva looks back to a 2,000-year-old history of origins and was spared in the Second World War due to Swiss neutrality. Historical city centers, however, result in few spaces for outdoor advertising media. Digital billboard advertising in Geneva is limited to a portrait and a horizontal format.
Upright and portrait billboards ornament the pedestrian areas and city squares. Few posters can be found at tram stops. Their customers are mainly from the culture and event sector, who advertise exhibitions and events in the city on these billboards.

Horizontal billboards line the streets of Geneva’s periphery. Usually, two or three billboards are placed next to each other and can be combined. Alternatively, place your ads on banners, giant posters, blow-ups on house facades, columns, or on moving media like ad-vans.
In Geneva, you will not find any city light boards (CLB) as backlit variant. Only at the main train station or at Geneva’s airport one can find digital city light posters (CLP).

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