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Lisbon billboard advertising

Billboard advertising in Lisbon are available all over the city and offer a large variety advertising possibilities. Most of the digital billboards are placed in busy streets, in shopping areas, at bus stops / bus shalters or in the underground, where the audience is receptive to buzz worthy advertising. Since people walking by are only going to see your ad for a few seconds, it is vital to make a fast and lasting impression with a memorable advertising of your brand.

Discover Lisbon's digital billboard ads opportunities

Place your ads on digital city light posters (CLP) or city light boards (CLB) or choose more traditional formats like banners, giant posters, blow-ups on building facades, columns or movable media like ad vans. A campaign with a limited budget can make use of a few properly placed digital billboards in Lisbon and see instant results. Backlight variants and digital posters benefit from better visibility and attract more attention. You can be sure that people will see your advertisement.

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