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Lisbon bus and tram advertising

Lisbon has a diverse public transport infrastructure. Next to commuter rail trains, the Lisbon metro connects the city center with the periphery and handles the stream of daily commuters into the city. Compared to other European metro systems, the Lisbon metro is fairly short, with only 44,2 km, and has only 4 lines. Therefore, the city’s buses and trams are essential to get around the city and get to and from the airport. The Lisbon bus fleet has over 600 vehicles and operates on 146 different routes. In addition, the cityscape is characterized by the fleet of vintage tram streetcars.

In Lisbon the buses and, especially, the 58 trams on 5 lines are not only a practical way to get around, but also one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. As one of the oldest cities in Europe it is also visited by many tourists. Place your brand on the historical trams or get your ads rolling on Lisbon’s bus lines and create a lasting impact on pedestrians, motorists and passengers. Eye level ads provide maximum exposure for your brand in a stand-alone environment.

Discover Lisbon's bus & tram ads opportunities

These rolling spectaculars bring impact of a large format ad down to street level. You can be sure to reach your desired target group because buses will operate on alternating routes, passing important sights and landmarks and, therefore, cover the whole city. This hyper mobile media presents a very simple advertising tool with an impressive impact.

Choose between different campaigns and formats to create the desired impact:

  • on the back as rear cover
  • on the side as traffic boards
  • full cover

Allow us to show you some advertising opportunities for

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