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Munich airport advertising

With over 46,3 million passengers in 2018, Munich airport is currently ranked number eight in the European airports ranking. Not only as a transport property qualified Munich airport as the exclusive advertising location. But also a large number of retail and gastronomy units increase the length of stay of the passengers while attracting visitors from the surrounding area. A good mix of target groups to be successful with airport advertising.

The airport in Munich is the best

As the eighth busiest airport in Europe, Munich international airport hosts millions of potential clients that can be reached by your airport advertising. Create your media portfolio with a wide array of media including digital networks, Iconic exteriors and more traditional formats. Choose from flags, giant posters, city-light posters, coloramas, showcases, banners, and floor graphics. You have opportunities to suit all strategies and budgets. Airport ads are the way to go for a campaign or a branding.

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