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Munich bus advertising

Munich and its surrounding jurisdictions are served by the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund MVV) which is responsible for the Munich S-Bahn commuter trains, the Munich U-Bahn, the Munich tramway and buses. The Munich U-Bahn has 8 lines and presents an electric rail rapid transit network with a daily ridership of 1,13 million passengers. The Munich S-Bahn supports the network with another 8 lines and 840,000 passengers every day.
On the streets of Munich, buses and trams complement the public transport network on the local level, connecting the city center with every corner of the city. More than 75 bus lines with up to 511 buses transport over 205 million people every year. In addition, the 13 tram lines serve over 105 million commuters annually.

Wherever your desired target group, with bus and tram advertising your message is discernable daily, rolling your ads on the road through the whole city and, therefore, build a permanent presence in Munich. They reach not only passengers, but also passersby, bicyclists and motorists. Due to its size and mobility, bus advertising is unrivaled in the field of outdoor advertising.

In case your target group is located solely in a specific part of the city, you can advertise on giant billboards, digital city light posters and other stationary media in tram shelters, bus stops or train stations. Here, you can utilize the commuter’s waiting time to bring your message across. Find out more on billboard advertising here.

Bus advertising is popular

Advertising on buses enjoys a great sympathy in the population. It is not perceived as disturbing and is therefore ideal for image campaigns. Exceptional, creative designs even provide for a certain entertainment value in the cityscape. Whether long-term bus advertising or publicity of unique events, almost everything is possible.

- traffic boards on the side
- super rear on the back
- full cover

The full cover presents a special eye-catcher. The whole bus is wrapped with your creative and creates unlimited impressions. A great way to extend your branding!

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