Advertising at “Fiumicino” Airport in Rome

A big banner hangs at the airport in Rome, in the background are two digital screens.

How to make a long-lasting impression in the “eternal city” with airport advertising?
Get off the plane, grab your luggage and start the hustle and bustle of Italy’s capital, Rome! But between landing and the “exit” at the airport, there are usually longer distances and several minutes of waiting time, for example at the baggage carousel.

With airport advertising at the FCO in Rome, you can turn boring waiting time into informative advertising time and transform barren walking routes into an – or more precisely, your – attention-grabbing runway! In the following, we will walk with you along the route or advertising route that more than 49 million passengers travel each year and show you effective advertising spaces for your next out-of-home campaign in the arrivals area at Rome “Fiumicino” Airport.


Digital Screen Network: Efficient (first) contact with tourists from all over the world

This digital network consists of present advertising locations which are not only distributed in the arrivals area, but throughout the entire airport on a total of 151 screens. Fully digital and high-resolution LCD screens lend the advertising message enormous radiance in the truest sense of the word. The units, which are up to 70 inches in size, are set up frontally to the passenger flow, as if they could be viewed from both sides. Such an exposed advertising message will inevitably attract the desired attention of your target group! The high-quality advertising media can be used for either a static or a full-motion OOH campaign, with an advertising block of up to 10 seconds (in a 60-second loop). Benefit from the “Digital Screen” network and achieve an impressive advertising impact.


Baggage claim: When outdoor advertising beautifies the waiting time

Various advertising displays are available in the baggage claim area. All of them attract maximum attention and promote a strong awareness of your brand, because statistically the eye contact rate increases due to the long dwell time – on average people wait 20 minutes for their luggage. This means that advertising is increasingly perceived by target groups, which further increases the impact of outdoor advertising.



With this outdoor advertising you welcome your target group “digitally” at the baggage claim area of terminal T3. The 15 HD screens are effectively positioned and, thanks to their size, are also clearly visible from a distance. Your advertising is in the focus of all arriving passengers for 10 seconds per loop (total loop duration 120 sec.). With a daily operating time of 20 hours, more than 600 advertising spots are guaranteed. No wonder, then, that with a monthly passenger frequency of over one million, convincing contact figures are achieved with this airport advertising.


Diorama & Spectacular

Another advertising medium for an effective out-of-home campaign is, for example, the “Diarama”. These signs are mainly installed at important and highly frequented walkways and thus achieve an enormous reach. With this classic advertising medium, you advertise highly efficiently from an economic point of view.
A large format for great attention? With the “Spectacular”, the advertising message stands out brightly thanks to backlighting. These advertising media can be found at the baggage claim but also at the exits. Take advantage of the last chance to make contact and remind your target group of you before they leave the airport. As you have read, at Fiumicino Rome Airport it is possible to accompany arriving tourists from arrival to exit with OOH advertising. Airport advertising will double its reach in the next 20 years – take advantage of the high contact volume today. Be it with digital screen advertising or analogue with billboard advertising, whoever advertises here gives their brands international character. A memorable brand experience and a strong advertising impact included.

If you want to achieve strong attention with outdoor advertising and make a long-lasting impression, you can rely on airport advertising at Italy’s largest hub, the FCO – in the “eternal city”.

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